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Driftr lets you plan, trip, record and share your travel adventures in a single space. Whether you're trotting the globe, exploring your neighborhood, or inviting travelers to your local business, Driftr makes it easy to create an account and start sharing your adventures.

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Who We are

As travelers, we all strive to experience the unfamiliar, seek out the astonishing, but most of all, live a fulfilled life that we can share with others. Driftr believes that you deserve a spot that helps you plan, travel, and post your adventures as easily as you can share a selfie, order food, or take an Uber across town. We are a collection of passionate travelers who come from technology, travel, hospitality and we invite you to join us and enjoy traveling easy.

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Join the Network

If you have a blog or other digital footprint with travel content, you may be eligible to join The Driftr Network. This program was established to identify individuals who are leaders in travel and is the driving force in decisions travelers make when deciding where to go and what to do. Network Members are offered opportunities to make money and enjoy other perks from brands and sponsors. The Network is nonexclusive and members can choose each opportunity on an individual basis.

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